Everyone has a different level of pain tolerance and sensitivity. Topical anesthetic is applied before the treatment as well as during to help keep clients comfortable. A small amount of discomfort is expected.

The procedure takes roughly 3-4 hours. Please allow the proper time frame for your appointment.

This depends on multiple factors including; the particular technique chosen, the individual’s skin type (dry/oily), age (youthful/mature), daily lifestyle, and proper aftercare.Clients generally get a refresher every 1-3 years.

Healing period can lasts 10-14 day with no major down time. You will be able to go about your daily activities like normal with the exception of a few. As long as you follow aftercare instructions, there should not be an issue going to work or being out in public.

No. I do not shave off all your brow hairs. We keep as much of your natural hairs as possible. This treatment does not harm your existing brow hairs as we do not penetrate the skin deep enough to reach the hair follicles.

The touch up is recommended 4-12 weeks after initial treatment. During your touch up, the artist will fill in any areas that may not have taken the pigment as well. This typically lasts 45 minutes – 1 hour.

As pigment retention cannot be guaranteed, this session allows us to go over any areas that need a little extra attention. I would highly recommend it, as PMU generally takes 2 sessions to complete the look.

Consultation is done the same day of your appointment. I will discuss aftercare with you and you will complete consent and disclosure forms.

After taking “before” photos, I will then map out your eyebrows with a pencil first so you have a clear idea of the shape. Please realize, nobody’s face is completely symmetrical and you must be realistic with your expectations. Once you approve the shape, I will begin the treatment.

If you have any questions/concerns you are more than welcome to text Christina at 408-202-5369

Please visit https://focusmicroblading.as.me/
or contact Christina at 408-202-5369