We require that anyone who has had their brows previously tattooed by another artist to send us pictures (full face, front view, and side view) via text at 408-202-5369 prior to booking a coverup/correction appointment.

Not all previous work done by another artist can be fixed or covered. Coverups & Corrections done on previous work can be very complicated, time consuming, and unfortunately 100% results cannot be guaranteed. Covering previous tattoos can possible if your old tattoo has faded 80% or lighter.

An average eyebrow tattoo correction typically requires 2 or more sessions. This is because much more time and work is needed for a correction compared to tattooing virgin eyebrows. Most permanent makeup corrections require client’s patience and dedication. Due to the amount of time and work needed to repair some permanent makeup tattoos, the cost of repair is not negotiable. The cost and number of sessions also cannot be predetermined.

REMINDER: Booking an appointment without disclosing previous cosmetic tattoo work will result in a forfeiture of your deposit and your appointment will be cancelled.